Spring Maintenance Guide | Edinburg, TX

Your Spring Maintenance Guide | Bert Ogden INFINITI | Edinburg, TX

Your INFINITI thrives on routine maintenance. The owner’s manual details each maintenance milestone and our certified technicians are standing by to perform all levels of maintenance — whether simple oil changes and tire rotations or complex brake replacement or engine repair. Our technicians will use genuine OEM parts for all repairs on INFINITI models. Bert Ogden INFINITI is also following all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 to help make your maintenance appointment safe, including several contactless service options.

Each spring, regardless of mileage milestone, it is important to consider the following maintenance items:

Wax and wash your INFINITI

Unpredictable Texas winters in recent years mean that even if you don’t leave the Lone Star state, your vehicle may have encountered snow, ice, or road salt. The best way to protect the exterior is to wash it off and then put on a protective layer of wax. Spring is also a good time for some internal spring cleaning; treat yourself to a detail or spend the day vacuuming, carpet cleaning, treating leather, etc. for a cleaner, trash-free car.

Inspect the tires

Tires lose pressure in colder temps. Make sure yours are properly inflated as we head into warmer weather. If your tires have a slow leak, it’s time to patch them — or else replace them. (If the tread is rather worn, replacing is likely the smarter option).

Test headlights, wipers, and AC

Warmer weather and longer days mean you might be out later. Make sure all your exterior lights are working properly before night driving. Spring can also be wet, so it’s good to replace your wiper blades if they are leaving streaks. Finally, before we reach the excruciatingly high temps of a Texas summer, it’s a good idea to test your AC while it’s still moderately bearable outside — and if there’s an issue, get it fixed before the mercury rises.

For all your maintenance needs, contact the service department at Bert Ogden INFINITI in Edinburg, Texas.


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