Summer Maintenance Guide | Edinburg, TX

Summer Maintenance Guide | Bert Ogden INFINITI | Edinburg, TX

Here in Edinburg, Texas, summer is serious business. When temperatures soar, your vehicle faces additional stress on its mechanical components, climate control system, and tires. Here’s a look at the summer maintenance you can do to help your INFINITI beat the heat.


Coolant is one of the most essential car fluids to maintain during the summer. When your vehicle is cool, pop open the hood and check the overflow reservoir. You should see coolant between the minimum and maximum marked levels on the tank. If it’s low, top it off. And to make sure that coolant is traveling throughout your vehicle properly, inspect the hoses the reservoir itself for cracks and leaks.


Tires need to be checked year-round. When temperatures rise, they can cause the air pressure in your car’s tires to fluctuate, so check the tire pressure at least monthly. It’s also a good idea to inspect the tires for cracks, buckling, embedded debris, and a proper amount of tread depth. You can check this by inserting an upside-down penny into the tread. If the tread doesn’t reach Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Climate control

When you need to crank the air conditioning, you don’t want to be disappointed by a blast of lukewarm air. You can find do-it-yourself air conditioner refilling kits at your local auto parts store, but for the best results, bring your car to our service center and let the experts handle recharging your car’s refrigerant.


Your car’s exterior can take a beating during the summer. Bird droppings and bug splatter can eat away at its paint job, so wash your car frequently to prevent it from being tarnished. It’s also a good idea to wax your car to prevent its paint job from fading due to UV damage.

If you need a little extra help getting your INFINITI ready for summer, bring it to the expert service technicians at Bert Ogden INFINITI in Edinburg, Texas.


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