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Common Car Battery Drains | Bert Ogden INFINITI | Edinburg, TX

The battery in your INFINITI model is crucial for starting your vehicle’s engine. In the same way, the engine is then responsible for recharging your battery so that it has all the power it needs to start the car the next time.

So what does it mean if your battery isn’t charged enough to start your car? For one reason or another, your battery is draining energy or is not getting the charge it needs.

If you are regularly having to jump-start your INFINITI, it is probably time for a new battery. Bring it to Bert Ogden INFINITI in Edinburg, Texas, to get an INFINITI-recommended battery as a replacement. But before you do, try to get to the root cause of what’s causing your battery to die:

Did You Leave The Headlights On?

If the headlights on your INFINITI do not turn off when you shut off the car (older models), then it is possible you simply drained your battery by leaving the headlights on. Jump the car, drive it around, and then see if the problem disappears the next time you go to start it.

Was A Door Ajar?

Open doors, trunks, and liftgates mean interior lights stay on. If you accidentally left a door partially open, that could be the cause of your drained battery.

What’s The Weather Been Like?

Extreme cold and extreme heat (more likely here in Edinburg, Texas) can be rough on your car battery. If you’ve just gone through some atypical weather and your battery is not working, it could simply be a result of the recent weather conditions.

What Does Your Battery Look Like?

Are the connections loose? Are the terminals corroded? If your battery has seen better days, this may be beyond salvaging. Your safer bet is to bring your vehicle to Bert Ogden INFINITI to replace the battery now before you find yourself stranded somewhere inconvenient.

For all your battery maintenance needs, contact the service department at Bert Ogden INFINITI in Edinburg, Texas.


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